In contact sport it is vital to wear mouth protectors. This will eliminate the risk of serious dental and soft tissue injuries.  You can buy mouth guards that you mould self, but research have shown custom made mouth guard gives you the best protection.

Custom made mouth guard fits snuggly over your own teeth.  Therefore it gives the best protection for teeth and soft tissue, in case of an injury of force against the facial area.  The cost of mouth guard is R420.00

Who needs a mouth guard?

Anybody who plays contact sport eg. Rugby,  hockey, karate, ect.

Anybody with braces need one when playing contact sport.

Primary school children need mouth guards for playing contact sport.

In case of primary school children, a cheaper material is used to make a mouth guard. As the permanent teeth grow and mouth changes we can modify the custom made mouth guard. The mouth guard is not too expensive and if need be we can replace it .  The cost of this mouth guard is  R250

Procedure is very simple.  Come in to SMIILEEZ ORAL HEALTH CENTRE and an impression will be taken to  make your mouth guard. You chose your colour or colours.  After 2 working days you collect your custom made mouth guard.