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Welcome to our centre

At the Smileez Oral Hygiene Centre we believe in prevention and minimal intervention dentistry. We work with individuals and families by providing lots of advice and knowledge.

We are highly trained dental professionals. We love teaching you and your children how to care for your teeth and gums. We can even help with diet and lifestyle choices to ensure you’ll enjoy beautiful smiles now and long in to the future!

The Smileez Oral Hygiene Centre is a warm and friendly practice conveniently situated in the heart of Centurion. We make sure that children feel relaxed every time they visit our Dental Practice whether it’s their first visit or for a check-up.

At Smileez Oral Health Centre, nothing is more important than your oral health. This is why we do not believe in charging medical aid rates, as we would rather leave the savings in your pocket so you can afford more regular check-ups and ultimately healthier teath.

Visit us and we’ll show you that prevention is better than a cure and cheaper too!


May 17, 2015

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